Women's Cancers in Southern California

Female forms of cancer, (including breast and gynecological) account for more than 56% of the existing cases of cancer in California. Though women mortality rates due to cancer are less than their male counterparts, in California, women exhibit higher instances of cancer than men.

Studies show that social well-being in the first year after cancer diagnosis is a significant prognostic factor for breast and gynecological cancer recurrence or mortality. This suggests a possible avenue of intervention by maintaining or enhancing social support for women soon after their breast cancer diagnosis.

Breast Cancer

Incidences of Newly Diagnosed Female Cancers By County

Los Angeles


San Diego


A study conducted by Portland State University also suggest that women with breast cancer who access social networks and support systems during and after treatment experience a better quality of life both mentally and physically. These improvements in overall outlook suggest that survivors with more social support have better survival rates.